What Does Company Culture Mean For You?

What Does Company Culture Mean To You?

Over the last two-plus years, employees around the world have had a realization:

Work is a part of our lives, but not all of it! The pandemic—and all of the stress and disruptions it brought—has reshaped how many people think about what they want from work: It doesn’t have to just be a job to make money. Work should be enjoyable, fulfilling, and even exciting! That has prompted some employees to seek new opportunities, rethink their career path and reprioritize how they balance work and life to find a workplace where they’re simultaneously comfortable and motivated, challenged and appreciated.

Ultimately, all of that comes down to one word: culture. Even if you’re not familiar with the concept of company culture, you definitely know what it feels like! It’s that ease of knowing that, if you have to switch your schedule to accommodate a child’s doctor appointment, your manager will help ease any challenges and your team will support you. It’s making a mistake at work and having suggestions for learning opportunities passed along to you, not punishment. Culture is that feeling of accomplishment when anyone on your team achieves a win, no matter how small.

Every organization has its own unique company culture—and how it is carried out by leaders, managers, and employees drives the experience that you, as the worker, have every day! So, how do you find a position that offers a company culture to match your own vision for where you want to work?

One way is to not think so much about the job you’re doing necessarily, but more about the environment where you’re doing it. What do you most value and look for in that environment? An organization that prioritizes employees’ work/life balance? One that focuses heavily on giving workers the opportunity to learn and grow? Do you want to be in a place where social connections between employees are a top goal? Or how about one where workers across all levels are given the chance to voice their ideas and opinions?

Thinking of work in this way can help you explore what company culture means to you—and what kind of culture you hope to find yourself in. Even if you’re not in the industry you hope to work in later in life, or are taking a job simply to tide you over while you figure out your next step, there’s no reason that the culture where you’re working shouldn’t be the best fit for you! Working in an organization with a healthy culture that fits with your life and your goals—both personal and professional—can give you the support, and confidence and even help you build the skills you need to ultimately find the work that you’re meant for.

So, when looking for your next role, make company culture a priority—and you’ll see how rewarding it can be for your life and your career!