What Does Your Social Media Say About Your Business?

It’s amazing how many businesses still pay little or no attention to their social media (FaceBook, LinkedIn, etc.) presence. This is perhaps understandable in businesses who acquire and maintain their customers through other sales and marketing channels. But even for them, there is much to be gained — and lost — by the impression they make on their social media pages.

Here are three of the great things your social media can say about your business.

“We are a great place for Millennial and younger generations to work.”

The generations that live their lives on social media expect to find you there as well. It’s a priceless opportunity to communicate your corporate culture, employer brand and opportunities for advancement.

Infrequent or standardized posts will create the impression that your values don’t align with theirs. This could cost you the fresh, young talent that will carry your business into a successful future.

Even Baby Boomer and Gen X workers — if they’re still active in the workforce — are more than likely to be internet-literate (since nearly every job now requires it). At the very least, they will research a prospective employer online before signing on the dotted line.

“We respond to our customers’ concerns and ideas.”

Posting positive content is just the first step. You also need to monitor the comments people are leaving on your social media pages, engage with them and take steps to resolve their problems.

We’ve actually seen companies continue to announce special offers on FaceBook while apparently oblivious to the complaints about poor quality products or services that come in quick response to each post.

You may not always acquire customers through social media, but you could lose them there.

“We are the best at supplying our products/services and here’s why.”

You really can’t beat social media as a platform for saying what you want, how you want, for as long as you want. Every other marketing channel comes with limitations of space, time and reach.

Not to mention that it’s the most cost-effective marketing medium out there. On most social media sites, you pay little or nothing for them to host your page. You will have to spend some time and money on creating content and monitoring page activity; but it’s far less than creating and tracking, say, a direct mail or TV advertising campaign.

These are just a few of the reasons why social media dominates today’s marketing practices. Whether you’re looking to recruit top quality employees, provide omni-channel customer service or reach a bigger pool of prospective customers, social media delivers rich rewards for minimal outlays. It’s a win-win!