What Type of Hire Are You?

What Type of Hire Are You

When it’s time to gear up for a new career opportunity, we often have to ask ourselves loads of forward-thinking questions:

Will I be happy working on-site or remotely? Where do I see myself in one, three or five years? Will this be an organizational culture that’s a good fit?

That can mean you have lots of thinking to do! As you go through this process, it’s also important to look at your current context—your skills, your interests, your home life—to help shed light on the type of job that might be right for you, right now. Understanding that can make a huge difference in finding a position where you’re happy and thriving, and ultimately setting you on a career path that will keep you fulfilled and your employer on the right track.

So, what kinds of questions do you need to consider to figure out how to match with the right type of job? At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we have tons of experience placing candidates across job types and roles, so we can walk you through all the factors that can make a great match. Here are just a few things to think about to get you started:

Do you thrive in a fast-paced environment?

If you’re a candidate who is always up for a new adventure and likes to dive right into a challenge, you may do well in a high-volume hiring setting. In such an environment, an employer may turn to an agency like Integrity Staffing Solutions to bring on a large pool of candidates all at once. This could be to meet a seasonal demand, for the launch of a new project or to keep up with rapid growth at the company—no matter the reason, when you join an organization as part of a high-volume hiring move, you’re sure to be in for fast-paced work that’s contributing to an exciting time in the organization’s development.

Do you like exploring your options before making a decision?

Sometimes, candidates need to get some cash flowing into their wallet but aren’t quite sure they want to commit to a new career opportunity for the long-term—especially if they’re thinking of switching industries eventually or may be considering a relocation. For applicants who may be a bit cautious but still eager to get started working, a temporary position is often a great choice. At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we have helped countless candidates get placed into temporary roles and have seen firsthand the benefits: Our associates can get a quick paycheck all while getting experience, making connections and developing their skills to shape their future career.

Are you fully committed to your next career move?

Sometimes, however, you know exactly what you want—and we can help you get there! With direct hire staffing, we place the candidate directly on the employer’s payroll for what is often a long-term, permanent role. From clerical to call center and warehouse to the C-suite, we match new hires across a range of industries, jobs and levels—and help candidates get set up for success in their next opportunity.

Do you like to ease into a new situation?

If you’re the type of person who opts for the steps into the pool instead of the diving board, or who tends to take a car for a nice test drive before purchasing it, you likely want to also take it easy settling into a new job. For such candidates, we recommend a temp-to-hire situation: This way, workers have an idea of what they want to do—and where they want to do it—and get the advantage of on-site experience and connections before committing to a long-term gig. With this approach, they can prove to both themselves and their employer that they have what it takes to make a lasting match.

At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we believe there’s a perfect job for everyone—all it takes is some planning to figure out what’s best for you, a drive to succeed and a willingness to work hard. And then, it’s all up to you!