What We’re Thankful For

What We Are Thankful For

As we inch closer to Thanksgiving, we’re all probably thinking a bit more often about what in our lives we’re thankful for.

Family likely comes first for many, along with friends, health, jobs, homes and so much more. For us at Integrity Staffing Solutions? It’s our associates!

While this National Gratitude Month is an excellent opportunity to share why we value our workforce so much, we’re not only thankful for our associates in November; it’s a mindset that powers our company throughout the year. Since our founding 25 years ago, we have been an associate-first company because we know that any success our organization or our clients are able to achieve is directly because of the hard work and contributions of our associates.

Just as we all aim to show the people in our lives that we’re grateful for them by our actions, we work to ensure that we’re not just saying we appreciate our associates—we show them! For instance, we have designed a benefits package that communicates to associates that we understand their needs and we want them to succeed. Associates are eligible for medical and dental benefits after their very first eight-hour shift is completed; we know that healthcare coverage can be burdensome and we want to take the worry out of the process. We also look out for our associates’ financial health. Through a partnership with Penn Foster, we provide early access to earned wages; associates can take home up to half of the money they’ve worked for before payday, all through a convenient financial app called PayActiv. This way, associates can meet any financial challenges that arise—and keep their stress at bay.

These policies and programs are part of the overall culture at Integrity, where our associate-first mindset is entirely aligned with our business strategy—and, so, it’s at the heart of everything we do! From a user-friendly application and onboarding processes to a popular referral program to reward associates who recommend a successful job candidate, we want to go the extra mile to show our associates how important their voice is in the future of our company.

And the reason is simple. When our associates are taken care of, excited to come to work and engaged in what they’re doing, they can bring their best self to the job. That means productivity is up, energy is higher and the work is better! Our clients are then well-positioned to reach their goals—and we, in turn, keep moving forward. And it all comes back to our associates.

So, this November and all year, we’re thankful for each and every one of our associates—their hard work, their talents, their commitment and all that they bring to the Integrity Staffing Solutions family!