Why Employee Benefits Are (Almost) as Important as Pay

Did you know that benefits can add as much as 30% to the value of your earnings? If you have ever, for example, tried to get individual health insurance, you know the rates are double, triple or even more times what you pay in an employee group plan.

Here are some of the most popular benefits Integrity Staffing offers to its associates. Not all of them impact your finances right now, but they can help you position yourself to make more money in the future.

#1 Pay Frequency / Convenience

This one got first place because associates love getting paid every week, instead of once every two weeks as many employers do. Plus, it is deposited directly into the associate’s bank account or Wisely card, hassle-free.

Our PayActiv program is also getting rave reviews. This program gives on-demand access to earnings, instead of waiting until payday. It’s a lifesaver (or at least, late fees saver) when a bill must be settled immediately — especially since it can be paid directly from the PayActiv app.

PayActive earnings can also be:

  • Transferred to a bank account
  • Picked up as cash from a Walmart Money Center
  • Loaded on any bank, debit or prepaid card
  • Spent at Uber or Amazon without needing a credit or debit card

#2 Medical Benefits

It’s an unfortunate side-effect of the temporary and gig worker boom that more Americans than ever can’t afford health insurance. At Integrity, our temporary associates are covered from day 1 of their assignment. Enrollment in the Minimal Essential Coverage Plus plan is automatic, and there are also options to choose an alternate plan, include dependents or waive coverage.

#3 Educational Opportunities

Employer assistance with tuition or student loans scores high on every employee wish list study we could find. Integrity has responded by setting up Next Step U in partnership with Penn Foster, an accredited online learning institution for career skills.

It’s absolutely free, and associates can choose from a variety of courses, from computer programs (CNC, Microsoft Office) to management training to basic English.

#4 Financial Planning Resources

Running a close second to career skills are opportunities for associates to learn to manage their personal finances. The PayActiv app we talked about above offers a variety of such tools, including:

  • Goal-based budget planning
  • Savings tracking
  • Financial counseling to get out of debt traps

At Integrity Staffing, we listen to our associates — because without them, we would be nothing. We invite participation in surveys and welcome suggestions on how we can help them exceed their own life and career expectations. Benefits are just one of the ways we’ve responded.

If you are a current associate, or thinking about joining us, what benefits would you like to see? Tell us in the comments!