Your Holiday Gig Is Over. Now What?

Your Seasonal Role Is Over - Now What?

Your Holiday Gig is Over. Now What?

As we ease into a new year, many of us are likely eager to put the hustle and bustle of the holiday season behind us. From the shopping trips to the social engagements, the holidays can be an exhausting time! But, saying goodbye to the end of the year may also mean parting ways with your holiday job—setting off stress that itself can be just as exhausting as the holidays were.

But leaving a temporary role isn’t necessarily a bad thing; in fact, it can end up being a great opportunity—if you handle it right! With a bit of forethought, some strategic thinking and a willingness to challenge yourself and move out of your comfort zone, putting your holiday gig in the rearview mirror can actually be the next best step you need for both your professional and personal lives.

When you’re in a temporary role, you know that the position will wrap up eventually—so use that time well! Here are a few ideas:

Make connections:

Networking doesn’t come easily to everyone, but it can be a gold mine for your career! Request a meeting with your manager before you depart to ask if they’ll serve as a reference for future roles, as well as to gather constructive feedback about your performance. You can even connect with colleagues, supervisors and business leaders through online networks like LinkedIn to keep the lines of communication open. Once you’re connected, they just might remember your name next time a good opportunity comes up.

Create a plan:

If you want to turn a layoff into an opportunity, be prepared! Ask management for a firm timeline of the process and ensure you understand when your final pay will be, along with if and when benefits will be discontinued. From there, get to budgeting; plan out your expenses, evaluate any savings and create a plan for spending until you get situated in your next role.

Get ahead of the game:

Even if your gig hasn’t finished yet, get geared up for your next position. Before you start putting applications in, give some hard thought to your most recent temporary role: What experiences did you have that you enjoyed the most? What kind of skills did you pick up (everything from computer software to time management skills)? Use that knowledge to update your resume and profiles, and to think bigger about your next role—go after a challenge that can help you put your newest experiences and skills to the test!