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When a start-up college delivery service was ready to expand from a local name to a national brand, their HR team reached out to Integrity’s RPO Staffing Team for help. The company had an aggressive expansion goal, looking to double its locations in a short, three-month window.

As a new, geographically-dispersed team, many challenges impacted their ability to ramp their business quickly:

Inconsistent recruitment process—With only a few locations, sites were developing their own strategies for recruiting, screening, and onboarding new team members. Multiple methods resulted in the inability to meet headcount needs adequately.

High attrition rates—The inconsistent screening process generated associates that often lacked the skillsets needed to perform the work, which led to frequent turnover.

Overwhelmed teams—Without a team of dedicated recruiters, local HR and OPS teams were often tapped to help meet aggressive recruitment needs while managing the day-to-day operations of the business. Oftentimes, corners were being cut to keep up with demand.

Lack of recruitment space—Space restraints at the new locations made it difficult to process applicants without disrupting operations, resulting in poor candidate experience.



To help our client achieve their ambitious growth targets, our RPO team jumped into action to create a fast, flexible, scalable workforce solution. We partnered closely with their corporate HR department to develop a robust, end-to-end recruitment process using our proprietary 6-step approach.

Here’s how we accomplished this:

1. Process Design   

No process, no problem: As an RPO provider, we typically replicate our clients’ existing recruitment processes. Since this client didn’t have a consistent, established procedure, we used our 20+ years of experience to design one from scratch.

No space? Let’s centralize: All sites lacked sufficient recruiting space, so we determined that a centralized approach would both streamline the recruitment process and allow us to rapidly screen the volume of candidates needed to meet headcount goals and tight recruitment timelines.

The new standard: We developed individual processes for collecting applications, screening, testing, interviewing, and onboarding all new hires. These processes became the new standard for all existing and new locations, creating the network-wide consistency they needed.

2. Recruitment Strategy  

No two alike: Our client was expanding into markets with very different labor markets, so each site required a tailor-made recruitment plan to source the candidates they needed quickly.

A perfect fit: Our national presence and in-depth market knowledge allowed us to create custom recruitment strategies based on each location’s unique labor challenges, which would allow us to quickly and efficiently generate the most successful candidates for their positions.

3. Candidate Sourcing   

Customized sourcing strategies: After we set our recruitment strategies, we developed comprehensive sourcing plans for each site, based on our thorough market knowledge.

Seamless brand experience: Our in-house design team partnered with our client’s marketing team to develop a full suite of on-brand media assets that would provide applicants with a seamless brand experience. We put big ideas into even the smallest marketing campaigns to attract the right talent through traditional, digital, and social media.

Bottom-line impact: As their RPO provider, we absorbed expensive sourcing costs like PPC, Job Board Seats, and LinkedIn recruiter licenses, adding significant cost savings to their bottom line. Our Applicant Tracking System (ATS) provided our client with the real-time data they needed to make solid business decisions.

4. Screening   

Growth opportunities: Our client wanted skilled associates who could also grow within their company. When developing the screening process, we immersed ourselves in their brand to develop interview questions that would not only identify candidates primed to succeed but who would also be strong cultural fits for this growing organization.

Talking on-point: We then trained our centralized RPO recruitment specialists to mirror our client’s brand voice so that they could act as a true extension of their talent acquisition team.

Multi-channeling success: Using a combination of video interviews, chat sessions, and email campaigns, we were able to move candidates through the hiring funnel quickly.

5. Hiring Coordination   

Divide and conquer: The local teams needed to stay focused on launching the new operations and keeping employees engaged. Relieving them of recruitment and hiring activities created the bandwidth they needed to ensure launch success.

Consolidate and win: Our central team took over time-consuming administrative tasks such as coordinating all interviews and job offers.

6. Onboarding   

Last checks: To round out support for our client, we facilitated the onboarding portion, include drug and background testing.

Day-1 ready: We also developed a fully-branded New Hire Orientation so that new associates had the information and training they needed to hit the ground running.



As our client’s RPO provider, we enabled their business to achieve their ambitious goals. Together, we developed, streamlined, managed, and executed their entire talent acquisition process, all from a central location. Our partnership resulted in the client’s ability to:

Meet aggressive recruiting goals—Before implementing our strategy, our client was barely able to hire a few people per week at each location. Once we defined and streamlined the process, our client onboarded 352 new employees in just three months.

Achieve their expansion goals—Having a dedicated staffing partner gave our client the capabilities they needed to grow their number of locations from 12 to 38 within their desired timeframe. We’re proud to say that we now support their 197 locations nationwide.

Create a seamless brand experience—We made sure that people, technology, process, and culture were fully baked into the process from start to finish, ensuring a seamless.

Our white label recruiting solution allowed us to market our client’s opportunities and source quality candidates, all under their company brand. In the process, they gained cost, quality, service, and scalability efficiencies that turned a local mom-and-pop into a national brand name.

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