2021 Reflections – A Year in Review

2021 Reflections – A Year in Review

While last year was defined by the COVID-19 pandemic, this past year was defined by its aftermath – burnout, unprecedented turnover, and remote work.


The staffing and employment challenges of 2021 were unique but there are lessons to be learned from the historically tight labor market of the Great Resignation. The most recent estimates from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics indicate that there are 11 million job openings in the U.S. Thus, it is important to focus on recruitment, remote work, and retainment in the year ahead.



Finding candidates and filling positions has been difficult this past year, creating a staffing crisis across every sector. Job seekers are looking for increased wages and flexibility. While some want to work from the comfort of their own home, others are looking to break free from the confines of the walls boxing them in for almost two years now. Thus, when searching for candidates, it’s important, now more than ever, to use recruitment tactics that can be individualized. That’s why at Integrity we highlight different benefits for each of our open positions when advertising and recruiting. We realize it’s important to offer individuals more than a role, we offer opportunity in various forms, ranging from free online education courses for career advancement to financial relief through our partnership with Payactiv.


Remote Work

Many companies were forced to embrace working from home due to the pandemic. This shift drastically changed the way companies around the world operate. Yet, organizations experienced savings in money, time, and resources and many are considering permanent remote work for their employees. Remote work requires new ways of thinking about hiring and engaging staff. In 2021, we saw telecommunications innovate and boom like never before. Whether you embrace new Zoom features, chat platforms, or mobile apps, you can meet people where they are and keep them engaged.


While remote work is an option for some companies, there is plenty of work which requires in-person associates. At Integrity, we prioritized workplace wellness to ensure that our onsite staff was comfortable doing their job. From site safety evaluations to OSHA-compliant training, we prioritize offering a full-range of award-winning workforce safety support and solutions.



We have seen a major shift in the dynamic between employee and employer. In the past, employers held the majority of power in hiring and keeping staff, but now employees are taking that power back. To keep your associates engaged and empowered, include them in decision making and continually provide opportunities for bidirectional feedback. Employees that feel invested in their work and feel seen are less likely to leave their organizations.


Economists estimate that Americans will continue quitting their jobs at record rates in 2022. Whether your employees are onsite or at home, some key factors to consider that will give your company a recruitment and staffing edge are:

  • Hiring incentives which make your company more attractive to applicants;
  • Minimal requirements to streamline the application process for job seekers; and
  • Bonuses and benefits that keep your staff feeling valued and motivated.


We now know there is no set “new normal” in the workplace so it’s important to be strategic and adaptable and prioritize employee appreciation and satisfaction above all else.