Curb Q4 Chaos By Actioning These Overlooked Items

Curb Q4 Chaos By Actioning These Overlooked Items

We’ve likely all heard the quote “By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail.”

And as we speed toward the end of the third quarter, it couldn’t be more relevant.

For many companies, Q4 is all about the hustle and bustle: It’s the time of the year when leaders are looking to close the books on a good note—driving sales higher, bringing on new teammates to meet the goals, closing the big deals before the year turns. With all that possibility on the horizon—and all the challenges it brings with it—many leaders and managers are laser-focused on diving right into Q4 and getting started.

However, success is contingent on strategy—and without a smart Q4 strategy up your sleeve, it won’t be possible to not only manage the chaos that comes with the end-of-the-year boom, but to make the most of it. Here are a few proactive steps to take today to ensure that your team and organization are heading into Q4 ready to come out on top:

Problem-solve the Potentials

When creating a strategy for Q4 success, don’t err on the side of optimism! Prepare for all the pitfalls. Think today about how your team would handle all the unexpecteds: tech problems, failed deals, even a resurgence of COVID. The current business world is immersed in question marks—as economic uncertainty and social shifts reshape much of our society—and it’s smart to brainstorm now for all the what-ifs. Though it’s impossible to predict all that Q4 will bring, with a rough sketch, you can find the paths forward through obstacles.


Ask for Feedback

No leader or manager can make Q4 a success by themselves—so, don’t try to! Invite your teams to be a part of the process. Let them share ideas about what needs to change or improve so that they can do their jobs better—and ultimately reach the goals you’re setting for them and the company. Soliciting feedback is also a prime opportunity for leadership to demonstrate collaboration, innovation and agility—all qualities you’ll want your workforce to embrace in Q4 and beyond.


Show Your Support

The final quarter of the year can not only be a nail-biter for management and those with an eye on the books—but also the individual contributors keeping the doors open each day. It’s important for leadership to ensure employees know now—before the busy season starts—that they have their support. Share information about employee resource groups, employee assistance programs and other resources that support employee health and wellbeing.

The promise of Q4 is only as good as the preparedness—so make a plan today, and get ready to end the year with a win!

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