Final Countdown: Fueling Up for Q4

Final Countdown: Fueling Up for Q4

Though it may be hard to believe, the end of the year is almost upon us.

Before we know it, our organizations will be hosting holiday donation drives, doling out end-of-year gifts and flipping the office calendar to 2023.

For many organizations, the last quarter of the year is one of the busiest—as companies look to get their budgets in order for the following year and wrap up year-end strategies. Especially for companies whose businesses rely on temp and seasonal help—from retail to warehouse workers and everything in between—the last few months of the calendar year are among the most challenging, as they are filled with tasks related to recruiting, onboarding, training and much more. And in a hiring climate like that of today, businesses are being challenged like never before this quarter.

No matter your industry or focus, it’s important to be prepared. The end of the year traditionally creeps up on us quickly, and being caught flat-footed can derail your business well into the next year. With a smart, proactive plan, however, you can make the most of the fourth quarter—and set yourself up for success in 2023 and beyond.

If you count your business among those whose hiring ramps up as the year ramps down, make sure to know your hiring needs well ahead of time. Getting an accurate picture of what your headcount needs will look like can help inform your hiring strategy and ensure it is a successful one; if you’re underprepared for demand, or overinflate your hiring goals, you could be left with a major hit to the budget and a lot of staffing headaches.

In that vein, anticipate the challenges. Especially given how tough hiring is at the moment, across industries, know where your pitfalls may be—whether that’s in sourcing enough quality candidates, onboarding quickly enough or retaining in today’s challenging market. While it’s good to know what you’re bringing to the table when it comes to hiring, it’s also imperative to be realistic about where missteps may happen so you can be proactive about avoiding them.

While many employers invest significant attention in onboarding new hires, not enough put the same focus on offboarding. With employees having so many options today, and feeling empowered to pursue them, employers need to be doing all they can to make a lasting impression on their workers, including temporary and seasonal associates. When another hiring blitz arises, if you’ve offboarded properly—connecting workers to new opportunities, building tech-supported databases of candidates or finding ways to regularly communicate with former workers—you could have a pool of talent at the ready.

As you focus on all of these tasks to make your Q4 a success, do so with an eye toward the beginning of 2023. As soon as the new year starts, businesses will be diving right into their year-opening strategies, so now’s the time to gear up so you’re not lost in that whirlwind. Despite the demands of the end of the year, business leaders should be keeping one foot in 2022 and the other in the next year—to make the transition smooth and successful.

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