International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day

Diversity, equity and inclusion—it’s a catchy phrase, but how do we make it more than just a catchphrase?

That’s a question we keep top of mind at Integrity Staffing Solutions—and that we think every employer should also be thinking about. Because celebrating the contributions of all employees—particularly those from underrepresented groups—needs to go far beyond a once-a-year holiday; true DEI commitment is an everyday, all-hands-on-deck effort!

That said, we can’t let occasions like International Women’s Day go unnoticed! This is a great opportunity for all organizations, including Integrity Staffing, to remind ourselves exactly why DEI needs to be a cornerstone of our work. On IWD and throughout this entire Women’s History Month, we’ll all share and hear stories of the incredible women who are powering progress across the globe, driving home that, for true innovation to succeed, we need to be elevating all voices, particularly those who don’t always have equal access to opportunity. When we can empower women and other diverse communities, however, employees reach their potential, organizations are driven to meet their goals and the communities in which we live and work are made all the better—a win/win/win!

We’ve seen this reality right here at Integrity, which has valued DEI as one of our guiding principles since we were founded more than 25 years ago. Throughout that time, countless women have thrived through our culture of inclusion, many joining us as entry-level employees and finding opportunity after opportunity as they climbed the ranks. Our president, Jamie Donnelly, for instance, started with us in recruiting more than 20 years ago and took advantage of our commitment to promote from within and work to build career paths for our employees that match their skills. She’s just one example of how seriously we take the role of DEI at Integrity—we don’t just say on paper that women should have equal access to opportunities, we work to make that a reality at our own organization.

Progress doesn’t mean, however, that there aren’t challenges. This International Women’s Day, it’s important to remember the many barriers that still exist for women in the workforce. Particularly in light of the events of the last few years, millions of women around the world are struggling to find opportunity in this quickly changing world of work, confronting bias, unfair societal expectations and much more that are all keeping so many from embracing their full potential.

That’s why we want to use occasions like International Women’s Day to amplify our commitment to women—there’s a lot of work still to do, but we want to celebrate all that women have contributed to our organization, our culture, our clients and the communities we serve. We salute you!