How Digital Onboarding Solutions Streamline Hiring

How Digital Onboarding Solutions Streamline Hiring

How Digital Onboarding Streamlines Your Hiring Practices

A traditional onboarding process can work — somewhat. The problem is that it simply doesn’t produce optimum results for the current market. In a Gallup poll, just 12% of workers said their employer’s onboarding was satisfactory.


That’s an issue worth correcting, especially considering that talented candidates know they are at a premium. Their expectations are elevated, making it essential for employers to provide frictionless, quick hiring processes and strong corporate cultures. The good news is that many teams have begun using digital onboarding solutions to standardize their processes.


At the heart of more efficient hiring processes and improved time-to-fill rates is a tech stack specifically designed to better engage candidates, improve their experiences, and limit the monotony that sometimes defines traditional onboarding.


For example, we use Able to digitally onboard our associates. Able ties into our Bullhorn ATS, which speeds up the process (removing laborious, paper-based onboarding processes), creates a stronger candidate experience, and allows our recruiters to spend more time focusing on recruiting activities.


Digital resources simplify and supplement your onboarding process in the following ways:


  • Better Candidate Interactions: A survey of hiring professionals found that 82% of them view candidate experience as a top priority. With the right assets, digital solutions can inject energy and a personal touch into any candidate interaction.For example, some employers create accessible videos that allow candidates to experience the workplace environment or understand a job’s key responsibilities. A select few Integrity Staffing Solutions clients offer potential associates virtual walkthroughs of their jobs and workplaces. These assets add a sense of warmth and personality to what can seem like an impersonal process.
  • Improved Onboarding Scalability: Organizations on growth tracks have found digital onboarding solutions to be boons as they become more extensive. A side advantage of tech-driven solutions is that they maintain consistency and ensure all candidate requirements are met in documented, auditable ways.Digital can be a time-saver. How much so? According to a Sapling study, new hires must fulfill, on average, 54 tasks(e.g., filling out documents, setting up at the office, etc.) during onboarding. Having the ability to complete onboarding paperwork online from the comfort of their homes increases candidate conversions and decreases repetitive admin tasks for your recruiters.

There’s little doubt that digital onboarding is simplifying everyone’s processes. However, companies can’t wait much longer to begin experimenting with all the technological tools and possibilities in the hiring world. Candidate experience begins the second someone applies. Letting digital tools boost your recruiting and onboarding shows top-shelf talent that you’re invested in their time and development from the onset of the relationship.