Ramping Up For Holiday Hiring

Ramping Up For Holiday Hiring

The countdown to the holidays is on!

For many in the world of business, the next few weeks aren’t just about checking off your personal shopping list but rather being right in the thick of the holiday hiring boom.

Any companies that rely on seasonal workers to get them through the hectic holiday season know just how vital this pool of talent can be. They are the ones who are helping power your customer strategy, often putting in long hours and working on the front lines to help the company hit those all-important Q4 goals. But, despite how key they are to the business strategy, seasonal talent often has a much different employee experience than full-time and year-round workers—and they shouldn’t.

When gearing up for holiday hiring in 2023, keep these tips in mind so that your temporary workers have a positive experience with the company and pass that satisfaction on to your customers:

Be clear about expectations

When bringing on holiday help, the talent should know from the start what is expected of them—and that doesn’t just include their job duties. Seasonal workers should be fully in the know about expected start and end dates, as well as have information about discontinuation of benefits and any assistance the employer provides during offboarding. Communicate these details clearly, consistently and repeatedly. When employers put in the work to ensure their temporary staffers are fully prepared, those workers will leave the experience with a better impression of the organization.

Keep up communication

It can be easy to conduct a mass hire, turn the talent over to their managers and keep speeding ahead toward the close of the year. However, it’s important that leadership stays clued in to what’s going on on the ground in their organization, including with seasonal workers. If there is a deeper issue with culture or even management, holiday hires who have less investment in the company may be more willing to share genuine feedback. And that can help leadership troubleshoot potential pain points.

View holiday hires as more than headcount

Seasonal workers certainly give busy employers the volume they need to handle their busiest time of year—but simply looking at this pool of talent as a collection of names or employee numbers will miss the mark. When employers instead view seasonal help as a valuable talent pool they can tap again in the future, they may be more likely to treat temporary workers equal to all other employees—in onboarding and offboarding, communication, even day-to-day culture. And when workers have that support, productivity, engagement and overall experience will soar—and they just may sign back up for shifts when the next holiday season rolls around or even apply for full-time employment.

Give them an experience

Even though holiday hires know that their employee experience at their respective employer may not be a long one, they nonetheless want an employee experience. And the organization needs to deliver. That means helping workers create community and connection, leveraging technology to make their day-to-day work more efficient and keeping the lines of communication with leadership open.

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