Why We Believe in an Associate-First Approach

Why We Believe in an Associate-First Approach

In a hiring climate like today’s, employers are looking down every avenue to attract and retain the talent they need to take their business forward—

but the challenges facing hiring and recruiting professionals are vast. Today’s candidates are bringing new expectations about remote work and flexibility to the job, have a heightened awareness of employer brand and dedication to corporate social responsibility, and are looking for an employee experience that offers both meaning and opportunity for growth—all in a market with ample jobs available. In short, employers are scrambling to keep up.


From hefty sign-on bonuses to creative perks and benefits to extra PTO, employers are sweetening the deal to get workers to join, and recognizing that—from their benefits to their policies to their culture—they need to put their workers first in order to secure the most driven and diverse workforce. Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, that’s a reality that has long been at the core of our company. For 25 years, we have operated as an associate-first staffing firm, with a companywide focus on the needs of the workers themselves.


When we put our associates first, we’re also putting our clients first. By taking the time to get to know associates—and their skills and goals—we are able to ensure that we’re matching them for the right role, at the right time. While some hiring strategies involve simply funneling high volumes of applicants directly into open roles, Integrity Staffing Solutions believes in the power of being proactive: When we can do the legwork upfront to make a good match, we have found that employee engagement is higher, productivity is on track and turnover is lower.


And “associate-first” is not just a slogan: From our forward-thinking benefits to a tech-fueled candidate experience, we strive to understand the needs of our associates and continually adapt to meet them.


It’s a strategy that is paying off. Our most recent Net Promoter Score was 84.5%—a testament to the fact that, when we put our associates first, it’s also a win for our clients. When associates are a good fit for the position and the organization, they bring their best to the job—and their best helps their employer do its best.


It can be tempting in this hiring environment to put in place shiny, new benefits or creative, eye-catching programs to get workers in the door. But, if there isn’t a genuine investment in the employee’s satisfaction, growth and overall engagement in the job, the employer could find itself with just as many empty seats again. We have found that embedding an authentic dedication in the organizational culture to putting associates first can help drive the success that clients need—and in a business environment like that of today, that can be a game-changing move.

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