Can Inaction be the New Strategic Action?

We welcome author Jinny Uppal!

Her new book, IN/ACTION: Rethinking the Path to Results (New Degree Press), will be out this month and talks about how the rise of hustle culture is responsible for our current levels of burnout, and why reflective thinking and strategic inaction is a better—and healthier—path to success. As the Great Resignation continues unabated—current estimates are that 4.4 million Americans left their jobs in September—there’s growing concern that younger professionals’ embrace of hustle culture is primarily responsible for the high levels of burnout they’re experiencing. Wearing 80-hour work weeks like badges of honor and staying chained to their virtual desks even during their downtime has resulted in increased stress levels, mistakes, and plain old exhaustion. Contrarily, says Uppal, knowing when to lean in and when to let go is the key to unlocking creative inspiration helping you achieve your most ambitious goals. Uppal’s book is not about slowing down as an end goal, rather it’s about leveraging strategic pauses to make great leaps forward.