Integrity Staffing Solutions Launches New Innovative On-Demand work App, Opportunity Engine

Wednesday, October 6, 2021 – Integrity Staffing Solutions, the engine of opportunity for talent placement across the United States, today announced the launch of the pilot program for Opportunity Engine (OpEn), a new innovative on-demand work app for job seekers and employers.

OpEn empowers employers to instantly connect open job opportunities with qualified talent ready to start at a moment’s notice. With OpEn, companies can post available jobs in mere seconds and alert workers who can accept open positions, onboard, and start on site as soon as the same day!


For associates, OpEn empowers those searching for gigs to find and apply for jobs easily, from anywhere at any time, without stepping foot in a recruiting office. OpEn puts the world of work into job seekers’ hands, providing them the flexibility to work exactly when they need to.


“We’ve been on a mission to reinvent on-demand staffing solutions for employers and their associates,” said Todd Bavol, President, and CEO of Integrity Staffing. “Hiring has to evolve, and our on-demand app, Opportunity Engine, is the answer for how people will want to work and hire both now and permanently going forward.”


As an industry leader specializing in high-volume, clerical, and light industrial staffing solutions, Integrity Staffing focuses on creating innovative employment solutions for both its clients and associates.


To learn more about OpEn, visit: Opportunity Engine