Integrity Staffing Solutions Partners with Jobs for Delaware Graduates to Award 2022 Teacher of the Year

Wednesday, May 25, 2022 – Integrity Staffing Solutions, the engine of opportunity for talent placement across the United States, announced it has partnered with Jobs for Delaware Graduates (JDG) to present the 2022 Teacher of the Year Award. This year’s recipients are Cathy Kemp of Caesar Rodney High School and Glennine Williams at A.I. dupont Middle School.

For over 44-years, JDG has been the premier school-to-work transitional program in Delaware, dedicated to helping youth who face challenges and helping them reach academic and economic success. JDG works with middle and high school students to expose youth to emerging careers and higher levels of education and training. Students who participate in JDG receive weekly in-class instruction, credit towards graduation, leadership development, community service, personal enrichment, career coaching, and access to internships, job shadowing, and work experiences.

“Integrity Staffing Solutions is proud of our long-standing partnership with JDG. Partnerships like these help us drive our commitment to help young adults achieve greater success in their careers and our passion for generating new and exciting employment opportunities in Delaware,” stated Todd Bavol, Chief Executive Officer, and Co-Founder of Integrity Staffing.

As an industry leader specializing in high-volume, clerical, and light industrial staffing solutions, Integrity Staffing focuses on creating innovative employment solutions for both its clients and associates.

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