We Stand In Solidarity.

Imagine you can’t breathe.  Imagine while you can’t breathe, you are forcefully held to the ground while others look on.   Imagine this is your last moment.

As we all now know, this was the last moment for George Floyd.

Watching this play out filled me with anger, disgust, and fueled me with a passion for continuing to fight against racism, inequality, and injustice.  A feeling you might be experiencing right now.  I wanted you to hear my thoughts and how we together, as #IntegrityStrong, can do something to help win this battle against a treacherous enemy – racism.

We cannot continue to live in a country where someone has to worry about going for a jog, driving a car, or walking into a store without being fearful for their life.

It’s hard to say that you truly understand what it feels like to live the life of someone that experiences racism or hatred unless you live it daily.  We can, however, listen and learn from one another.

I want you to know that I stand with the peaceful protesters all across the country and hear their voices scream out in pain and anger.  I stand with the African-American community and with any individual or community that has felt marginalized, intimidated, or terrorized because of their race, ethnicity, religion, national origin, gender, gender identity, disability or sexual preference.

As a company, let’s continue to stand together against all forms of racism, bigotry, hatred, and inequality.  I stand strongly and proudly with you.

To take action, and to honor the life of George Floyd,  Integrity Staffing Solutions has made donations to the NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund and Color of Change.

Team, take care of one another.  Let your voices be heard, and our commitment will make a difference and be felt.  We must all be part of this healing force that will bring the positive change our country and the world so urgently need.

In solidarity,