Tyler Rutledge

Platform Administrator

My two main goals each day are to find creative solutions using the tools we have available and to support our teams so they can provide a better service to our clients and associates.

My favorite thing about this role is getting to tinker around with new and emerging technologies. I’m constantly in awe of how fast technology moves and with AI, we’re clearly right at the start of an entirely new era.

Full Interview

Let’s talk about your role:

Q: What is the most rewarding facet of dealing directly with your colleagues?

A: The opportunity to learn from people with a diverse range of experiences is great. At every stage, I’ve felt appreciated in my current role while being encouraged to tackle new challenges.

Q: What is Integrity’s driving force behind your team?

A: Integrity wants to give candidates a world-class onboarding experience and provide our teams with the tools they need to provide a great level of service.

Q: What have been your most significant accomplishments on our team?

A: I’m really proud of our internal onboarding ticket system. Managers create staff member notification tickets for new hires or staff changes. Depending on what they selected on their form, a parent ticket is created which then spawns child tickets for involved teams to facilitate things like setting up accounts or shipping a company laptop. Updates to child tickets write back to the parent ticket and notify the requester in the same trackable email thread.

 This is great for support teams as they’re only notified when they need to be and it’s great for the end user because all of their updates are found in the same place.

Q: Who are some of your biggest inspirations within the company?

A: So many great people work here. I think our senior leadership team is a diverse group of high-energy people that each have traits I try to learn from.

Q: What’s the most unique part about working here?

A: Definitely the push to help team members realize their potential, grow professionally and find something they excel at. During my time with Integrity, I’ve worked in Operations, Safety, HR and IT; all with skills I’ve developed during my time here. At every stage, I’ve felt appreciated in my current role while being encouraged to tackle new challenges.

Company Culture and Core Values:

Q: What has your experience been with our company culture?

A: I think we have a great company culture. Our core values are clear, and we have processes in place to reinforce those values. I would also say we are fairly energetic and unafraid of change.


Q: What is your favorite Integrity Core Value, and why?

A: “Learn It Here, Use It There” best captures my experience with Integrity. I’ve learned so much during my time here that I’ll never lose. I also really appreciate “Let your conscience be your guide” as it’s a great reminder to make sure you are doing the right thing.


Q: What parts of our mission/vision do you connect with?

A: The fewer the words, the more powerful the statement. Our vision being “Our clients succeed when our associates succeed” says so much about our company in a concise package. Good things will follow if we just support and do right by our associates.


Q: Which attributes do you feel set Integrity apart from other staffing agencies?

A: Aside from our culture and focus on critical things like safety, two of our biggest advantages are that we adapt quickly and aren’t afraid of change. We will find the resources and rally to make impossible things happen.

“Integrity wants to give candidates a world-class onboarding experience and provide our teams with the tools they need to provide a great level of service.”

Personal Journey

Q: Before working at Integrity Staffing, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

A: My background is in graphic design, so my professional career prior to Integrity was with sign and ad companies. One of my roles was to operate and maintain a $600k UV printer. If you think your small office printer is annoying, you can only imagine how fussy this thing was!


Q: How did you first learn about Integrity Staffing?

A: I needed a stable income while attempting to freelance after college. Like many of the leaders in our organization; I originally came to Integrity as a temp. From there, I felt I would make a great Performance Coach, so I sought out HR’s contact info and went directly after my next opportunity.


Q: How do you balance your career at Integrity Staffing and your family?

A: Most of the time, the workload allows for a proper work/life balance. Busy times at Integrity tend to be seasonal so I’m usually braced for major projects or peak season and I can usually see the end of the tunnel once they start. I’ve found that if I ever feel overwhelmed, all I need to do is escalate and our management structure will help stabilize the workload. As long as you don’t suffer in silence and you apply the feedback from your manager, work/life balance shouldn’t be a problem.


Q: How has Integrity helped you in your career development and how have you grown professionally while on our team?

A: Having been with Integrity since 2009, almost all of my professional development has taken place here. I’ve learned to communicate, write, manage, and support a team of direct reports, work with clients and vendors, and turn ideas into realized products with every stage of planning in between.

During this time, Integrity has never stopped pushing me to improve. All of my 10+ direct managers over the years have supported me with unique guidance and encouragement. It’s also true that in pretty much every station I’ve held here, I’ve received time with and encouragement from leaders that are higher up the reporting structure. It’s incredibly unlikely to have been mentored so well by so many great leaders without there being some very strong guiding principles built into the fabric of the organization.


Q: What advice do you have for prospective Integrity candidates?

A: Feedback is a blessing and you should always try to learn from it. Even if it doesn’t feel fair at the time, you probably could have handled the situation or even perceptions better. Find that opportunity for growth in all feedback you receive.

If you receive and incorporate feedback with good cheer and even share ways you have implemented the feedback with your manager, it will build trust and open new opportunities for you.

Calibrating your mind to appreciate feedback will also help you become more introspective. You’ll be able to diagnose your own problems more often and even put plans together to help yourself improve.


What do you like most about Integrity?

It’s ok to make mistakes here. We move fast and not everything will be perfect. You generally just need to learn from the mistake, fix the problem, and adjust the process to prevent the next miss. Nobody wants to live in fear of a mistake and thankfully, that’s not an environment that we foster. This is not to say we’re careless. Rather, when you blaze new trails, it’s not always clear what even can go wrong or how.