3 Ways Technology Can Streamline Workforce Management

In today’s digital age, technology is quickly becoming the essential ingredient for any successful business. Particularly in this time of COVID-19, technology has helped business leaders manage risk, communicate policy changes in a quickly shifting environment, keep employees connected despite distance and ensure business operations are speeding ahead through the ongoing disruptions.


Key to all of those goals, of course, are a company’s talent. With a smart, forward-thinking tech stack that is in tune with both the needs of your business and the needs of your workforce, you can reap the benefits in a number of ways. Here are just a few:


Candidate experience

While “employee experience” has been getting the buzz lately, candidate experience is just as important—maybe even more so, given the hot labor market and “Great Resignation.” Employers want to do all they can on the front end of the recruiting and hiring process to ensure candidates have a seamless, engaging experience and want to continue onto employment with the company. Technology can be vital in that process.


Integrity Staffing Solutions, for instance, uses the Phenom People talent experience management platform, which, among other offerings, allows us to completely customize our career website to create a user-friendly, on-brand experience. Most recently, we’ve launched the Opportunity Engine app (OpEn), a brand-new virtual tool that allows candidates to search for positions, schedule interviews, manage pay and more, all through their mobile device—giving candidates the autonomy they deserve and crave.


Time to fill

Lengthy interview and onboarding processes can be a drain both for the employer and future employees, but today’s tech can ease some of that burden. Before COVID-19, many employers required multiple rounds of interviews, followed by in-person assessments, submission of paper-based onboarding forms and more. Now, however, the expectation from candidates is for a quick and virtual experience—which can keep them moving ahead while also ensure the business is staying competitive.


At Integrity, we rely on our tech stack to get the right candidates in the right positions efficiently, using tools like chat bots and automated scheduling to keep the process on track. Full contactless hiring, including virtual skills assessments, which we deliver through the Able platform, both reduces the time to hire for our clients and, in today’s day and age, keeps the process safe.


Recruiting and retaining

While tech can be crucial to getting candidates into their new positions in a timely, efficient manner, it can also be looked to as a retention tool. Our tech stack has people analytics opportunities embedded throughout, which allows Integrity to develop a deep understanding of candidates and ensure they are being matched to the right positions. By using advanced artificial intelligence, we can funnel the best candidates into roles where we can be confident they—and the companies they work for—will find success.


Technology is a game-changer in the modern business world, and workforce management is certainly no exception. With a robust tech stack, today’s organizations are better positioned to offer an efficient candidate experience that benefits both the applicant and the organization, setting both up for continued success.