Key Strategies to Flex on Your Next Job Interview

Prepping for an interview can be overwhelming—especially if you’re new or out of practice. If you’re getting ready for that next opportunity or looking for a side hustle and need to brush up on your skills, we’ve got you covered! In Key Strategies to Flex on Your Next Job Interview, Integrity’s very own Co-founder and CEO, Todd Bavol, shares his 30 years of experience on how to nail the interview process and get hired.

In this webinar, Todd walks you through the entire interview process from beginning to end, teaching you the basics on what to know before you step foot into that interview room. From students to temp workers, warehouse workers, customer service representatives, and more, you’ll learn how to put your best foot forward when interviewing. Our tips are applicable to all industries and roles, and will be helpful guides to anyone who’s eager for a new opportunity.

Here are the top 3 takeaways:

  1. Preparation is key! From preparation, to practice, to following up, Todd breaks down each point of the interview process and offers actionable tips to help you land that perfect position. He’ll show you how heading into the interview with an understanding the industry, job, and the core values of a company can lead you to success.


  1. Practice. Practice. The old saying “practice makes perfect” is highly prevalent in the interview world, so understanding that repetition and persistence is highly effective is key in your success. Aligning a job with your own values, helps make practice that much easier. By doing this, you are staying true to yourself, while helping a company advance in their own values.
  2. The Follow-Up. Following up post-interview is a great way to expand your network, receive updates on next steps, and remain connected to those who interviewed you. By taking an extra 5-10 minutes out of your day to send a quick email or write a quick thank you note, you can leave a lasting impression on your interview team and increase your likelihood of landing that job.

With these top tips, you can be an expert in interviews and be prepared for the next opportunity that comes your way. Raise the bar and get prepared now–tune into our webinar to let Todd Bavol show you  the “To-Do’s” and “Not-To-Do’s” of interviews. You’ll be on the path to success in landing that perfect role!