4 Ways a Staffing Agency Can Boost Your Candidate Sourcing

Putting the right employees in the right roles is integral to any company’s long-term success. Unfortunately, many companies are too distracted and unable to devote adequate time and energy to sourcing candidates, sifting through résumés, and screening applicants via tests. With their attention diverted, these businesses lose the opportunity to snag talented applicants before their competition hires them.

Does this mean that organizations need to designate the entire recruitment process to one employee? That’s a possible solution, but it can eat up that person’s bandwidth in unwelcome ways. Instead, why not partner with a staffing agency? A third-party partner like Integrity Staffing Solutions leverages its expertise to connect companies with ideal candidates to fill out their open positions.

The benefits of working with a staffing agency are plentiful. They include:

1. Agencies specialize in this area.

Recruiting and retaining top talent is a primary focus of staffing agencies. Activities like arranging interviews, conducting background checks, coordinating drug testing, and tracking down references are all in the agency’s wheelhouse.

Because of this deep industry concentration, professional recruiters work with countless candidates in a wide range of industries. They have in-depth knowledge of their local job markets, which means they can quickly introduce prime applicants to companies and get the best of the best in the pipeline.

2. Agencies give time back to their partners.

What if your team could take time away from sourcing candidates and devote that to more pressing responsibilities? How would that affect productivity and profits? You’d likely see an uptick in overall effectiveness.

It takes quite a bit of time to fill and time to hire terrific people. Every minute that a staffing agency spends interacting with job seekers, screening résumés, and arranging interviews equates to hours back in your pocket. Additionally, the effective recruitment strategies deployed by staffing agencies can significantly shorten the time-to-hire cycle.

3. Agencies save partners money.

No surprise here: Replacing an employee can cost more than $40,000. That’s a lot of money to spend on one hire. Partnering with an agency is a cost-effective recruitment strategy because it minimizes your spending and streamlines the recruitment process.

The agency’s team is incentivized to work efficiently and find you the right talent choices — regardless of the role. They may even have candidates in mind who are actively seeking employment in your field or even with your brand.

4. Agencies improve employee retention.

Do employee turnover rates keep you up at night? One of the best ways to source candidates and improve employee retention is to prioritize hiring exceptional fits early in the process.

Staffing agencies accomplish this by bringing an outside perspective to your business. Their expertise allows them to more objectively pinpoint applicants who are likely to thrive in your organization. Expect your recruitment staffing agency of choice to ask plenty of questions and work on sourcing candidates who will be ready to dive in and stay for the long haul.

Eager to lift the recruitment burden from your internal people — including those in your HR department who have other duties? Talk to a staffing agency ahead of your next talent opening. Integrity Staffing Solutions welcomes the chance to discuss cost-effective recruitment strategies aimed at sourcing candidates who put dollars back in your pocket and deliver long-term value to the company.

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