Integrity’s Recruiting Process Explained

If this is your first time applying for a job with Integrity Staffing, the info below will help you understand and complete the process successfully.

How to find open jobs

Start with our Job Search page. Select the relevant job title, location or category to find positions that will work for you.

It’s likely that multiple jobs will be available for you to choose from. Integrity specialists will work to place you in the position and company where you will be most successful.

Where to apply

You can fill out a job application either online or at your nearest Integrity Opportunity Center.

To apply online, start with the list of relevant jobs you got in the previous step and click on the job posting you’re interested in. Then click the Apply Now link at the bottom of the posting page. If you want to work at Amazon, you can go directly to the Amazon Job Application.

To find an Opportunity Center office near you, look it up in our list of Office Locations near you. When you come in to complete the application process, you will need to bring these documents with you.

What types of employment are available

You may have other life commitments that prevent you from taking a traditional full-time job; or you may just need a few extra hours of work to supplement your income. In addition to our full-time job postings, Integrity offers a variety of more flexible options to suit everyone’s schedule, financial needs and career goals.

Be sure to check the type of employment in the job listing, so you aren’t disappointed later when you realize you can’t accept that job. Here are the terms you’ll see:

  • Temporary / seasonal: Employment that lasts for a specific time period, typically anywhere from three months to one year. As an Integrity temporary associate, you will receive your wages, benefits and employee support from us, as well as training from our client where you will be working. There is usually a choice of shifts and schedules.
  • Direct hire: In this situation, Integrity acts as the agent bringing you together with our client employer. Once hired, your wages, benefits and training will come from that employer.
  • Full-time / part-time: A permanent (as opposed to temporary) position. Full-time employees work 40 or more hours per week, while part-timers work less.
  • Temp-to-hire: You will be initially hired as a temporary worker with the understanding that if you perform satisfactorily, you will be converted to a permanent position.
  • FlexForce (flexible staffing): Integrity has developed its own app, FlexForce, where clients directly input their shift needs and you can pick up a shift on the fly. You can also swap or share shifts with other Integrity associates as the need arises. This is a great option for those who need work immediately or just for a short period of time.

You should also receive information about what the job entails, how long it will last (if temporary) and any other requirements you will be expected to meet. If something you want to know isn’t covered, please ask! We are always looking for ways to make the application process better for our job candidates.

Stress-less interview options

Nearly everyone freaks out over a face-to-face job interview. Thanks to the coronavirus, you no longer have to. We are now holding interviews over Zoom in order to help keep our staff and applicants safe.

At Integrity Staffing, we always put our associates first. We advocate for their success on every step of their career journey, from application to hiring to team support on the job. Join us — we’re ready with a big welcome!

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