5 Steps to Exceed Your Q3 Expectations

Both your mindset and your business practices could use a periodic refresher course for maximum productivity. Check out this list of good habits to get into at the end of every quarter and year.

  1. Accounting Catch-Up
  • Bring bookkeeping records up to date
  • Reconcile bank statements
  • Send and pay invoices
  1. Performance Assessment
  • Compare sales — quarterly actual-to-projected and actual year-over-year
  • Review P&L statements and balance sheets
  • Review employee satisfaction, productivity and turnover
  • Identify causes of any failures to meet goals
  1. Strategy Adjustment
  • Address any red flag numbers revealed in your records check, such as cash flow, profit margin, assets to liabilities ratio, debt to equity ratio and asset turnover ratio
  • Analyze current market conditions and adjust projections accordingly
  • Adjust employee wages, benefits or perks as necessary to attract and retain good talent
  • Maintain cash flow if necessary by reducing expenses, increasing prices or both
  • Update the budget incorporating cost of sales increases, new debt or other changes
  1. Plan for the Future
  • Analyze market gaps for new product or expansion potential
  • Find money for capital expenditures, e.g. from a loan or investors
  • Develop a marketing strategy and budget for new venture
  • Plan for additions to the team: hiring, training, integrating with existing team
  • Scale up IT services and capabilities to meet increased demand
  1. Plan for Extra Support
  • Minimize risks by setting aside funds or identifying liquid assets to survive an economic downturn or other event affecting sales
  • Do a cost-benefit analysis on outsourcing some administrative functions, such as payroll or recruiting, as your business grows and you have less time to do everything yourself

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