Squeeze the Most Out of Your Summer

Summer vacation gives you a well-deserved break from studying. However, you could be spending at least part of your summer in ways that benefit you more than just hanging out. For one thing, you could be priming yourself for a premium job after graduation!

Here’s how to work your summer now for maximum rewards in your future.

Test Drive Your Career Options

Not sure what you want to do with your life? Take a job, internship or volunteer role in a field that interests you. It’s the fastest way to find out whether you’d really like that kind of career.

Learn More About Yourself

Fulfilling the duties of a summer job or volunteership will show you your strengths and weaknesses as nothing else can. Listen carefully to feedback from peers and supervisors, both praise and criticism. It’s your best guide to self-improvement as well as choosing a life/career path where you can truly shine.

Grow Your Soft Skills

Employers these days give equal (if not more) priority to your ability to be a productive member of the team, than they do to technical experience. Soft skills that can be acquired in any type of job include cooperation with colleagues, reliability, punctuality, positive attitude, relationship building, interpersonal communication and problem solving.

Bulk Up Your Resume

Your summer job experience — both hard and soft skills — helps hiring managers see how you will succeed with their company.

Pay Your Dues

Performing well at an entry level position now will qualify you to apply for the next step up in a full-time job after graduation.

Out-Perform Your Peers

Don’t be discouraged by the fact that you’re young and have little or no experience. Any summer work will start you on the climb out of that hole — and put you ahead of many others in your age group when you start competing for jobs.

Check Us Out for Great Jobs at Any Age or Experience Level

Here at Integrity, we aim to provide every applicant with the ideal role for them. Tell us what you’re hoping to learn during your summer job, both hard and soft skills, and we’ll put all of our expertise and tools at your service to make sure you achieve your goals.