9 Ways to Show Your Coworkers Gratitude

When we’re rushed and stressed at work, we often don’t take the time to express appreciation for our colleagues’ hard work and help. And that’s a shame, because a small word or gesture of thanks can have a huge effect on both the person who receives it and the one who says it.

So, let’s spread the love, people! Let’s brighten our day, improve our relationships, make our jobs more enjoyable and maybe even boost our careers.

1. Send a Handwritten Note

Writing your “thank you” on a nice notecard is extra impressive because it shows you cared enough to put time and effort into it. The message can be just a sentence or two about why you are thanking them: pitching in during a crunch time, educating you in new techniques or responsibilities, contributing ideas or expertise to a project, etc.

2. Compliment Them in Front of the Team

Tell everyone what a great job your work friend has done. Mutual appreciation is a proven team-builder, which makes everyone happier and more productive. Send out an email or speak up in a team meeting.

3. Let the Boss Know

Make sure management recognizes how valuable this employee is to the company. You could be helping your coworker get a raise, promotion or employee of the month award; and they may do the same for you.

4. Recommend Them

Add your endorsement to their LinkedIn page, or put their name forward for any upcoming projects or positions that they would benefit from getting.

5. Offer to Return the Favor

This one should go along with any of the other ways you choose to express your gratitude. You helped me, now don’t hesitate to ask for my help in the future.

6. Take Them for a Bite or a Brew

Buy them lunch, a cup of coffee or an after-work drink. Or, since this is the year of social distancing, buy them a gift card to be redeemed in the future — which also helps your favorite restaurant or bar stay in business until they can open again.

7. Get Them a Gift Card

There are many other types of gift cards, from Amazon to AmEx, that would make a great token of your appreciation and allow the recipient to buy exactly what they want.

8. Give Your Skill

Whatever your talent — baking cookies, sewing, painting — make them a thank you gift with the personal touch.

9. Send a Gift with thnks.com

With just a few clicks, you can choose from hundreds of items and send it to anyone who has a mobile phone, email address or Twitter account.

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