Boosting Employee Retention

That’s money and time you’d gladly invest in employee retention… if only you had the confidence that you knew exactly what caused turnover, and could laser target with programs to fix critical issues.

There’s no more guesswork for our clients. Our exclusive Workforce Management System allows us to quickly capture and analyze real-time data about the most common causes of employee turnover, enabling our clients to take immediate action.

We pinpoint exactly when and why an employee disengages, by asking each associate for an NPS score at key points during their onboarding:

  • First day on the job
  • End of their first week
  • Ongoing pulse-check every 30 days thereafter

This data is automatically processed and delivered via real-time reports. No more plowing through feedback forms, allowing for quick analysis and impactful adjustments.

While each client faces specific local issues — and those issues are 100% confidential — we can give you a glimpse into the aggregate data we’ve gleaned:

Most employees turnover within the first two weeks on the job. Attendance starts to sputter and wane until they abandon the job altogether. The most common reasons cited:

Here are a few strategies we use to combat costly attrition:STRATEGY #1

No Associate Left Behind: Based on our data, we implemented our No Associate Left Behind program for every one of our clients. Through this program, we nurtured associates during those first critical two weeks of employment, to keep them engaged and collect real-time feedback we can action. The more we nurture, the better! We’ve been able to reduce turnover by 3 to 4% weekly, and in some cases, up to 5%. This has a massive impact on our clients’ bottom line.

Incentivize: We also created attendance incentive programs, such as our Clock in To Win program, where associates are given the opportunity to win incentives for achieving perfect attendance each week.
Keep it visible! Incentives work best when they are very visible and visual. They must engage your employees, generate excitement and be of great value to them. Remember, value doesn’t always mean expensive. But rather add value to them.


One valuable example was during peak season for a large online retailer. We created a highly visible recognition program where every one of the locations gave away a new car in a drawing—and we covered the car taxes. We boldly parked the car in front of each building so associates could see it, touch it and generate excitement daily. Every day that associates clocked in on time, they earned an entry into the drawing. Being able to earn daily entries was key to building and keeping momentum.

Today’s takeaway? You don’t have to give away a car to get real employee retention results. They need to be nurtured and incentivized in visible ways to keep an ongoing, positive work environment.

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