Hispanic Heritage Month

National Hispanic Heritage Month

At Integrity Staffing Solutions, diversity is a core component of who we are!

While some organizations use diversity, equity and inclusion solely as a recruitment tactic, we have long had DEI baked into all corners of our company. With LGBTQ founders and significant diverse representation among both our workforce and leadership, we understand that the more varied our people are, the greater innovation and potential we bring to our business and those with whom we partner.

Because of that, we aim to celebrate all of the different cultures that our associates call home. This month, we’re marking Hispanic Heritage Month—paying tribute to the many Hispanic communities who make our organization as vibrant as it is!

The occasion, celebrated Sept. 15-Oct. 15, was officially created more than 50 years ago to honor the liberation of Mexico and other countries during the Mexican War of Independence. The month is not just focused on Americans of Mexican decent but is all-encompassing, inclusive of cultures from South and Central America, Spain, the Caribbean and more. Since the celebration was created, it has been formally recognized by presidential proclamations every year and has continued to grow in size and scope—with festivals, educational events, cultural activities and much more. These events are designed to bring together Spanish-speaking communities while also raising awareness among others about their incredible contributions to our nation’s progress.

This is work that is both deserved and needed. The influence of Hispanic and Latinx communities in American life is continuing to grow; the Hispanic population increased by nearly 25% between 2010 and 2020. And with Hispanic and Latinx communities playing such an important role in all corners of the country, it’s important that American culture is inclusive and welcoming to all.

That’s a goal that we have at Integrity Staffing Solutions. While we use Hispanic Heritage Month to specifically applaud and honor our Hispanic and Latinx team members, this is a spirit we embrace all year round. We offer a significant number of roles specifically designed for associates with English as a second language and provide these workers with all the support and resources they need. No matter the race, ethnicity, culture, heritage, belief system, or any other factor that makes each of our associates unique—they have a home here at Integrity Staffing Solutions!

This Hispanic Heritage Month, take a moment to learn some new facts, contribute to a cause, or get involved in a community event—celebrating all of our cultures makes our society a stronger, more inclusive, and more welcoming place to live and work!