The Associate Story – Why We Celebrate Our Staffing Stars

The Associate Story

As a staffing firm, one might think that our employer clients are our top priority.

While we value all of our client partners, our main focus is and always has been on our associates. Our people are the ones who power our brand, who give their energies, skills and dedication to our clients—and, ultimately, allow us to keep working to connect talented job seekers with the organizations where they can reach their potential.

We don’t just say we support our associates, we show them every day. From our innovative benefits like access to earned pay to convenient and easy scheduling features to 401(k) offerings for qualified associates, Integrity Staffing builds associate support into every step of how we operate. We understand that when our associates are happy and fulfilled at work, their work is better and the organizations they have joined are all the better for it!

So, to celebrate the amazing contributions of our associates we are launching a new feature called Staffing Stars. This is a space where we can highlight the people behind the brand—the workers who have gone above and beyond and who showcase just what it means to be a part of Integrity Staffing Solutions.

In the hustle and bustle of our everyday jobs, it can be too easy to overlook what may seem like small contributions: the teammate who is always ready to raise their hand and take on a new assignment, the supervisor who goes out of their way to lead with empathy, the worker who can always be counted on to cover a shift for a fellow associate. But it is these seemingly small, everyday interactions that are what can make a company culture. And at Integrity Staffing Solutions, our associate-first culture is the backbone of our company.

Staffing Stars, then, is actually the Integrity Staffing story. The human face of our brand highlights what we as a company believe in: the potential of every single associate; the tremendous value of diversity; the unique contributions all employees make that help our organization and all of our clients provide incredible service to our customers. We are going to be using this space to celebrate who our associates are, to recognize what they bring to our company and to their community, and to inspire others to follow in their footsteps.

So, join us in giving a round of applause to our incredible associates—both those featured in Integrity’s Staffing Stars and those companywide—for helping us make Integrity Staffing Solutions the best we can be every day!