How Core Values Lead to Job Success

How Core Values Lead To Job Success

Whether you’re searching for your very first job, looking for an exciting new position, or striving for a career change, job searching can be overwhelming. In today’s job market there are many opportunities, which means many applications, interviews, and time spent engaging with recruiters. One of the biggest mistakes many people make in their job search is looking for any job instead of looking for the right job. That doesn’t just go for a full-time position in your dream career – even if you are looking for a part-time job, gig work, or just need a temporary position, the right fit matters and will benefit both you and the company.

But what does the “right fit” mean, and how do you find it? The right job isn’t just a paycheck, it’s a job you can feel good about that will help you advance your career. No matter what kind of position you’re looking for – warehouse worker, customer service representative, administrative assistant, etc., one way to narrow your job search from any job to the right job for you is to spend time looking at what the company’s core values are and going after positions that match your own values. Do you value a workplace that makes you feel like a member of a close-knit family? Do you want to work for an employer that gives back to the community?

When you work somewhere that you feel good about and believe in, not only will you be happier and perform better, but you will also make a great impression and make the company believe in you too. This will open doors for you and lead to recommendations for other positions in the future. Everyone needs a good job reference, and if you are a temporary or part-time employee you might need one quickly. By working for a company that aligns with your values, you are setting yourself up for success whether you work there the rest of your career, or your position is a brief stop on your way to something else.

To find out what a company’s core values are, you’ll need to spend a little time investigating.

Research online: Most companies have sections of their website dedicated to talking about who they are and what they believe. Some even have a page dedicated to their mission, vision, or values. As an example, you can take a look at the About Us section our website! We make it clear about what we value – in our associates, our employees, and our community. You’ll see that we believe firmly in an associate-first approach, and that our core values all come back to supporting our candidates in everything we do, every day. By giving our all to make sure our associates are successful on the job, we ensure that the employers who hire them have a great experience and continue to hire more people and support the economy.

A quick Google search of the company can also tell you a lot about whether the company truly lives up to their values. You may find news articles, customer reviews of the company, or reviews from employees, like on

Ask questions: Whether you attend a networking event or are talking to a friend who works somewhere you might be interested in, ask them about what the company cares about and what they like about working there. This is also a great question to ask during an interview!

Once you’ve found the companies that you believe in, use that information to your advantage by highlighting the values you identify with in your job application or cover letter and your interview. Not only will they be impressed that you did your homework, but it will show them that you will be a great fit. Most importantly, when you land the job and go to work you will be happier and more successful now and in the future.