Does Your Employer Prioritize Diversity, Inclusion, and Allyship?

You’ve been searching “Jobs near me” online for a while, trying to determine what job is best suited for you. Maybe you are looking for a gig as a warehouse worker or customer service representative. A job is so much more than just a means to bring in income; it’s also about the work environment you are going into each day.


You should be seeking jobs that will assist in your professional development while also supporting and celebrating who you are. Before you decide on a job, you want to make sure the company you choose prioritizes job diversity and inclusion.



Diversity, inclusion, and allyship are invaluable in a working environment, and you want to be sure that the company you choose to work for reflects these values. 


Diversity, inclusion, and allyship create an environment where you can feel safe and welcomed for who you are, no matter what you look like, where you’re from, what your sexual orientation or gender identity is.


Diversity is important because it represents the world we live in, and allies help promote an inclusive work environment that’s equitable for all. Diversity and allyship are essential components of raising awareness about different experiences, perspectives, and cultures.


Your new company needs to foster an environment of diversity, inclusion, and allyship to maintain a positive company culture where everyone can excel. 


An inclusive working environment ensures that you and your new team will perform their best while being accepted by fellow employees and management. A diverse workforce can also bring fresh ideas into the workplace, which makes for a more well-rounded and satisfying experience and opportunities to learn and grow.


A diverse workforce fosters a sense of belonging, which can lead to long-term job satisfaction.


Non-diverse teams may be more likely to replicate their own biases and stereotypes. However, a diverse workplace is more likely to have well-rounded teams with differing perspectives. These differing perspectives mean employees at inclusive companies tend to do better than homogenous ones in terms of productivity and innovation.


For example, diverse workplaces are 25% more likely to develop new ideas that lead to patents. This innovation means they’re more competitive against other businesses in the same industry.


A diverse workforce leads to an inclusive culture that benefits everyone.


There are many benefits to working in an inclusive environment, including better work relationships and less discrimination.  A Diverse workplace brings people from different backgrounds together to learn from each other.


Choosing a job where diversity is celebrated leads to opportunities that nurture your skill set, provide you with new experiences, increase your creativity, and encourage professional development.


At Integrity, we believe we are better together. 


That is why we are NGLCC and LGBTBE-Certified!


We’ve worked hard to build a culture of intentional inclusion. We allow for exploration into areas that typically don’t exist when everyone has the same life experiences and backgrounds.


Our strength comes from working together as a team to create positive change within our community. We promote inclusion among associates as well as the highest leadership positions.


Those who have been historically underrepresented can find mentors willing to give them advice on how best they can succeed at their job and foster an environment of openness where everyone is comfortable and valued for being true to themselves.


We invite you to bring your authentic self to work. Browse our open opportunities and join the team today!