How To Get Noticed (In A Good Way) On The Job

How To Get Noticed On The Job

For many employees, being singled out at work is not something they strive for

It could mean they’re in trouble, made a mistake, or caught the attention of the higher-ups for a not-so-great reason! But, what if instead of being highlighted for a negative, you can catch the eye of managers and leaders for a positive? Being noticed at work (in a good way!) can help you build the connections and experiences needed to take your career to the next level—and, not to mention, can yield more recognition and rewards, ultimately fueling better job satisfaction and overall confidence.

So, how do you make yourself stand out on the job? Here are a few simple ways to turn the spotlight on yourself at work (and then enjoy the results!):

Meeting your goals:

It sounds easy, but hitting all of your objectives—from sales numbers to production goals—certainly can be a challenge. In performance reviews with your supervisor, take an active role in helping set measurable and achievable goals. Always keep them in your sights so that management will keep you in theirs!

Being a team player:

No matter what type of environment you work in, it’s likely that you have to perform some tasks as a team at some point. Even if group work isn’t ideal for you, show up for the team and it’ll go a long way toward giving you a good name.

Putting your best foot forward:

From your desk to your locker to your spot on the production line, the spaces that are yours at work should be kept neat and orderly. That tells managers that you’re organized and on top of things—an idea that can go far beyond where you work to how you work as well.

Speaking up:

While it may seem intimidating to make your voice heard at work, chances are that your supervisors will appreciate the input. Whether it’s sharing your opinion about the struggles of a new team project or voicing appreciation for a management decision, offering constructive feedback can show that you’re invested in your work and the organization.

Volunteering for challenges:

If you think you have it in you to take on a new task, try a different way of doing things or lead the way for your team, step up to the challenge! Even if you don’t feel 100% ready for the task, showing the initiative to give it a shot can project confidence and reliability.

Having a positive attitude:

This may be a given, but it’s not always second nature at work! We can all get bogged down with responsibilities and stress, but trying to approach them with a can-do attitude makes your work environment run more smoothly and productive—which will certainly earn you points with leadership.