National Hire a Veteran Day

National Hire a Veteran Day

This month, employers around the country are encouraged to observe National Hire a Veteran Day.

Held every July 25, the occasion raises awareness about the unique value that those with military servicemember experience can bring to our organizations and drives efforts to connect vets with meaningful employment. It’s an event that Integrity Staffing Solutions stands fully behind—and one whose spirit we embrace not only on this occasion but throughout the year.

Diversity is at the core of who we are—having a workforce of many different races, ages, genders, ethnicities, sexualities, religions and more makes our employer partners more inclusive, welcoming and encouraging places to work; and that, in turn, means they’re more productive and innovative. That umbrella of diversity doesn’t just need to extend to what people look like or what they believe, but also their experience and their personal strengths, which is why we believe strongly in hiring veterans.

Military veterans have weathered storms many employees have never had to face: They often face high-pressure situations, the need to make decisions in a snap, dangerous conditions—even if military members haven’t been involved in combat, their willingness to put country above self is a testament to their character. And all of that translates well into success as civilian employees for military veterans.

However, while vets have the skills and background to improve any company’s bottom line, far too few employers are actively recruiting them to join their ranks. That’s a gap that Integrity Staffing Solutions hopes to face. We work to match candidates with jobs that we believe will be a strong fit—putting emphasis on skills, qualities and experiences over specific educational backgrounds or work experiences. That’s in keeping with our belief that all of our associates have unique contributions to bring to the workforce, and it’s our job to place them in roles that are a right fit and then help them pursue their passions and hone their skills.

One of our core values speaks to that commitment: Learn it here, use it there. We want our associates to succeed—based on what they’re interested in and good at—and we give them the tools to get there. That has made hiring and supporting veterans a no-brainer. Like all of our candidates, we look at veterans’ real-world experiences and evaluate how the skills gained in those would best transfer to civilian employment. And we’re mindful of the unique situations that military families may have; for instance, we work with spouses of servicemembers and understand if they need added flexibility, matching them with roles that will work for them.

Military members have done their best to serve our country. Now, we are proud to be an organization dedicated to doing our best to serve those who have served.