How To Use Your Passion To Pick A Career

How To Use Your Passion To Pick A Career

If you’re thinking about your next career move, chances are you’ve already considered factors like pay, location, and benefits.

While those are important things to think about, the logistics aren’t the only consideration: You also want to make sure you’re happy!

Aligning your passion with your position is a surefire way to turn that job into a career—and one that you find fulfilling and satisfying. So, how do you make sure you’re pursuing work that lets you tap into your own happiness? Before you even put in your next application, ask yourself a series of questions to narrow down the type of role that’s right for you. Here’s a start:

Am I a morning person or a night owl?

It may sound simple but knowing at what point in the day you’re most likely to thrive can inform the type of work that will fit well with your life. For instance, if you find you’re most productive later at night, a position that involves nontraditional hours may help you find passion in your work. Whether you’re a night owl or an early riser, you should be able to make room for that tendency in your work.

How do I like to communicate with people?

Communication is a key competency in almost any job—but it’s important to assess how you prefer to communicate in order to narrow down the type of role that you’ll most enjoy. If you feel energized talking to and helping people solve problems, a call center position, for example, may help you find success; however, other people are more comfortable communicating digitally and so may want to consider work that involves less live communication so they’re working at their comfort level.

What are my strengths (and weaknesses)?

This is a question many job candidates face in their interviews but it’s helpful to consider the answers before even making it to the interview phase. Knowing, for instance, that you’re great at time management and organization can steer you toward a clerical position, while being realistic that patience isn’t your strong suit may guide you away from a customer service job. Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and finding passion in your work is all about playing to what you’re good at.

Do I like working on my own or with a team?

Warehouse or industrial positions often involve a lot of solo work, perfect for someone who likes to depend solely on themselves to get the job done. For those who like to share the feeling of accomplishment with a team, skilled trades, for instance, may be where they’d find their passion.

What are my interests?

This may be the most important question as you look to find a role with purpose! Like helping people? Fascinated by technology? Eager to advance social good? All of these can help inform the type of job—and ultimately, career—that is right for you.