Outdoor Activities To Give Your Brain A Boost

Outdoor Activities To Give Your Brain A Boost

As winter is squarely in the rearview mirror, many employees are eager to sign off or punch out for the day and get outside!

Whether you work remotely or in person, chances are you are itching to snag sometime in the sun, as we all know how energizing a little Vitamin D can be. And no matter your role or industry—or how heavy that workload feels! —we can all take a little time now and then to enjoy the great outdoors. After all, time spent engaging with nature can be a major brain booster—allowing you to return to your work refreshed, reenergized, and ready for your next big challenge.

So, what to do to maximize your outdoor time? Here are just a few suggestions to get you moving and motivated:

Get your cardio in

Ditch the post-work gym plans and instead hit the hiking trail, the bike path, or even the outdoor track. Exercising has been proven to boost brain performance, but pounding the pavement on the treadmill can get a little monotonous. When you change your exercise routine to include some outdoor time, you get to take in the sights, sounds and smells of nature all while burning the calories.

Be a tourist

No matter what area you live in, chances are that there are plenty of outdoor spaces to explore that regular residents may take for granted. Treat yourself like a tourist for a day and go see the parks, public spaces, art installations and other outdoor attractions that you may otherwise overlook.

Take a class

Education doesn’t have to happen just in a classroom or on a computer—the great outdoors provides ample opportunity for learning! If you want to get moving, enroll in an outdoor Zumba class. Or if history is more your thing, sign up for a walking tour of a historic neighborhood. Now that COVID has pivoted so many activities outside, you can even find beer tastings and cooking classes under the stars!

Grab a book

It sounds simple but unplugging from work and other responsibilities and venturing outside with a good book is a perfect way to reset. Once you truly disconnect, it can be easy to get lost in the pages and you’ll likely emerge feeling refreshed and grateful that you took that time out for yourself.

Slow down

Whether it’s a formal yoga or meditation class or simply an effort to be more mindful, getting in touch with your inner self can do wonders for both your professional and personal lives. Even if you’re just walking into work from the car, take a minute to look around and appreciate the nuances of nature you might normally miss—you may find you appreciate the beauty of your day just a little bit more!