Improving Worker Access to Educational Benefits and Resources

The labor market shortage might feel like a post-pandemic phenomenon. But it was troublesome for companies — especially those in light industrial warehouses — well before COVID-19.


The Society for Human Resource Management noted that factory workers have been in short supply since at least 2018. Today, the pandemic, Great Resignation, individual health worries, and other factors have combined to make finding great employees even harder.


Despite these challenges, it’s not impossible to source and hire people ready to commit to businesses. Many are eager to jump into various positions, from the warehouse to the front office. However, they’re looking for something different from their future employers — namely, the opportunity for advancement and personal development.

As a result, many employers have started to incentivize people with upskilling and reskilling opportunities. Doing so appeals to talent eager to understand the tools they need to be successful and earn promotions or convert to full-time employees. It also affords employers the advantages of upskilling staff, including staying ahead of the competition.


If your company is thinking about using upskilling for employee retention in light industrial — or any sector — try these strategies.


  1. Give people input on their development.

When designing your upskilling and reskilling classes, be sure to talk with employees and their supervisors first. By completing a thorough learning needs analysis, you can identify any skills gaps correctly and make everything more learner-centric.


At the same time, you can understand what your workers want to know. The more talent involvement you have initially, the higher engagement you’re likely to see during rollout.


  1. Make learning flexible, practical, and personal.

Your employees are busy and might struggle to allocate time toward training every week. You should consider investing in a learning management system (LMS) that enables employees to work at their own pace.


When looking at LMS options, try to find ones that offer on-demand and mobile apps. That way, workers can log in when they want from any device and learn when it works best for them. When possible, incorporate professional development opportunities into traditional working hours. Your team members shouldn’t have to use their personal time to finish coursework.


  1. Lean into microlearning.

The process of microlearning is simple: Give students short lessons that are laser-focused with clear takeaways. Microlearning can be especially useful for workers who want to apply their newfound skills immediately after class. Experiment with different microlearning mediums (e.g., videos, podcasts, articles, and even games) to keep variety high — and learning and development enjoyable.


You want the highest-quality talent to help your business grow, but they won’t be part of your team unless they get something in return. You need to woo tomorrow’s superstars with development opportunities that show you’re serious about helping people achieve their personal bests and creating opportunities for them to grow.


Integrity Staffing Solutions provides all associates access to Next Step U, a program we offer in partnership with Penn Foster. Entirely free of charge to employees, Next Step U provides introductory and advanced skills training, with a focus on career development. Associates have access to a dozen different programs, ranging from courses focused on specific job areas, such as those for administrative assistants and contact tracers, to broader options, including on topics like career readiness and frontline supervision. And with mobile-friendly access, Next Step U gives learners the ability to develop their skills in a way that fits their life.


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