Maintaining A Motivational Mindset

Motivational Mindset

This holiday season, you’re not alone if you’ve found it hard to focus.

Between the holiday shopping and wrapping, the parties to attend, the baking to do and the traditions to carry on, it can be quite easy to think about nothing but the holidays. However, the world of work keeps spinning even if we’ve lost our focus!

While it may be harder than ever to buckle down and stay motivated at work, this is the time when you should be doing it the most. Many organizations are at the peak of their busy season this time of year and are leaning on their workforce to help them shine through it—and talent that goes above and beyond during the holiday season will be the ones who catch the eye of leadership. Not to mention, giving your work your all can help you develop your skills, make new connections and build your confidence!

Here are a few tips to help you stay motivated through the holiday season:

Make a priority list

Having your goals written down in front of you can be a great way to stay on track. Add a note in your phone or even keep a Post-It on your computer with a handful of things you’re hoping to accomplish this holiday season. It doesn’t have to be extensive—but it does have to be realistic! Think hard about what you really think you’re capable of checking off your to-do list so that you can realize those wins and keep your motivation level high.


Reward yourself

When you do make progress toward your goals, celebrate! Make a pledge to reward yourself with everything from an indulgent meal to some extra me time as you head along the path to reaching your objectives. Knowing that those treats await can provide an extra boost to keep your head in the game.


Be open to failure

Setbacks are natural, so when they happen, don’t let them dash your motivation. Work on developing a mindset that learning from failure is just as beneficial from learning from accomplishments.


Aim for balance

While keeping work at the forefront this holiday is essential, it can’t be all work and no play—balance is key. Know your limits, and don’t forget about self-care; the more you tend to your own wellness, the more refreshed you’ll feel as you face your next challenge at work. With the right combination of hard work and relaxation, you can approach your tasks with enough confidence and calm to succeed.

Keeping a motivational mindset—despite the hustle and bustle of the holidays!—doesn’t have to just be a focus at work. This is also a great time of year to reinvest in yourself, your goals, your passions and your ideas about the future, so you can head into the New Year with a positive, can-do attitude.