How RPO Can Strengthen Your Candidate Experience

How RPO Can Strengthen Your Candidate Experience

Ensuring A Seamless Applicant Experience – Why Integrity is Your RPO Solution

Even though the height of the Great Resignation may be in the rearview mirror, employers still can’t afford to pump the brakes on improving the employee experience—because after a transformative few years, the employee-employer relationship may forever be changed. Job seekers today have seen the power they can wield and are more empowered to do so than ever before. That means that employers need to continue putting CX at the top of their priority list—and that extends to the candidate experience.

However, in today’s uncertain economy, many organizations are thinking lean. They may not have the manpower or the dollars to sink into creating a fast and frictionless recruiting and hiring experience for all candidates—especially since only the top tier will really make the cut. Yet, disregarding CX can give all applicants a bad taste of the company from the start—potentially disenchanting those who will ultimately become employees and potentially losing opportunities to build relationships with other candidates both for future employment and as consumers.

That’s where Recruitment Process Outsourcing can come in.

What is RPO?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing is an opportunity for employers to work with an external staffing agency to design a candidate experience that benefits both applicants and the employer. Organizations that turn to RPO do so for a number of reasons. They may be operating with leaner HR and recruiting teams—or looking to reallocate the responsibilities of such teams—and could use additional professionals to help manage the recruiting and onboarding processes. Some organizations leverage RPO to tap into the experience and expertise of these outside pros, whose vantage point may help them better spot pain points and implement processes designed for the modern candidate. And other employers may have unique hiring circumstances—such as frequent high-volume hiring or dependence on seasonal workforces—and eager to use the RPO strategy to ensure their candidate experience aligns with their overarching organizational goals.

What can RPO do for me?

No matter why an organization deploys an RPO strategy, leadership likely shares one goal: to make the hiring experience more seamless for both candidates and the organization.

That’s the principle that guides Integrity’s RPO services. Leveraging the organization’s decades of talent acquisition experience, Integrity’s RPO team functions as your company’s full-service recruiting organization—all without straining your in-house people professionals. Depending on your needs, Integrity’s RPO services can provide an end-to-end experience—starting with process design all the way to employee onboarding. Throughout this journey, you can take advantage of Integrity’s access to diverse talent pools across industries as well as benefit from the cost savings associated with leveraging our well-developed sourcing stack. And from a candidate’s first click to their first day, we ensure your employer brand remains strong and consistent across all markets.


Changing candidate expectations and ongoing uncertainty about the economy and the future of work all mean that employers need to be more strategic than ever when it comes to recruiting and retaining talent. With a skilled RPO team in place, organizations can give recruiting the emphasis and expertise it needs to fuel a forward-looking people strategy.

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