Seasonal Hiring Dos And Don’ts

Seasonal Hiring Dos And Donts

The events of the last few years have turned the world of work completely upside-down.

From the rise of remote work during the pandemic to the new expectations for employer support during this time of high inflation, employees everywhere are getting used to this new normal. Many of these shifts are pushing workers to try out seasonal jobs—perhaps as a second job to help make ends meet or maybe to experiment with breaking into a new industry or role as employees everywhere reassess their personal purpose and mission. If this sounds like you, you’re certainly not alone!

Seasonal work is an attractive option for many employees. Whether it’s your first time trying it out or you’re a seasonal vet, it’s important to be prepared as you head out on the job search. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Don’t: Wait until the last minute

While seasonal roles are most prevalent around the end of year, hiring for them begins long before the holidays start. Even if you’re only intending to work during a holiday break or through an employer’s busiest weeks transitioning to the new year, now is the time to throw your hat in the ring.


Do: Understand the role

It’s important to go into the application process knowing the expectations for the position—not just what you’ll be doing but, importantly, the timeframe for when you’ll be working. You don’t want to be surprised if the gig runs up quicker than you anticipated.


Don’t: Rely only on work you’ve done

Try something new! Seasonal work is a great opportunity to get your feet wet in a new industry or sharpening some new skills.


Do: Enlist help

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to seasonal work so it can help to enlist experts. Here at Integrity Staffing Solutions, we have been placing seasonal, temporary, part-time and full-time workers for 25 years and know just what it takes to land the right role at the right time.


Don’t: Treat this like “just” a seasonal job

Even if you won’t be in the position for long, it can be a critical bridge-builder for your future, so you have to take it seriously. Bring your best to your work every day, take advantage of networking opportunities and be proactive about inquiring about long-term roles at the organization.


Do: Come prepared

Since seasonal roles are time-sensitive, you want to be ready with your A game from day one. When applying, have all of your materials like resumes and references available to keep the process moving quickly and, before you start, do your research about everything from company culture to policies so you show up to your first shift ready for success.