Women’s History Month – Live Up To Your Own Legacy

Womens History Month

Women’s History Month – Live Up To Your Own Legacy

This Women’s History Month, people around the world will celebrate some of the notable women who have courageously broken barriers and smashed the glass ceiling for generations of women after them. No doubt, you’ll be familiar with some of the names whose stories are shared: Amelia Earhart, Hillary Clinton, Rosa Parks, Eleanor Roosevelt, Harriet Tubman, and Florence Nightingale. The list is, quite literally, endless!

While their work has gone on to shape our society and culture for the better, what’s most notable isn’t the respective impact each had on her industry. Rather, each of these history-making women (and the many others we celebrate in Women’s History Month!) forged her own path—without any sense that hers would one day be a household name. That means the next Marie Curie or Ruth Bader Ginsburg could be among us right now (it may even be you!). After all, while Women’s History Month is an opportunity to pay tribute to the women who have come before us, it’s also a call to action for women today to stand on their shoulders and join them in making history.

Taking inspiration from our leaders

At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we recognize how key diversity is to a successful, innovative workforce—and that understanding goes far beyond words on paper. We believe that every person deserves to work in a place where they can reach their potential, with the support of their employer. That shows that more than half of our executive leadership is women!

Our women executive leaders are just a fraction of the women who lead teams throughout the Integrity Staffing Solutions family. And each can be an example to the workers they lead, the colleagues they teach, and the customers they serve. Like the world-famous women we’ll be hearing about this month, our own female leaders have invested the skills, energy, and time to follow their vision. And because of that, they’re inspiring countless other women (and men!) every day in our communities.

Looking beyond Women’s History Month

Drawing inspiration from women leaders—at your workplace, in your family, in the media, in history—is an ideal way to push yourself forward. You can use their stories as proof that the hard work, commitment, and daring it takes to push back against norms and pursue your passions can pay off!

But don’t forget about your own story. This Women’s History Month, lean into your skills, keep your goals front and center, and think big! And if you are a man who wants to support the women in your circle this month (and beyond!), do a lot of listening and bring a deep commitment to equity and inclusion to both your personal and professional lives. When we all work together to elevate and honor women, we can take the meaning and mission of Women’s History Month far beyond March.