3 Ways to Use Associate NPS to Boost Employee Retention

3 Ways to Use Associate NPS to Boost Employee Retention

Competitive job markets are overflowing with options for those looking for new employment adventures.


And to be a player in a saturated employment market, companies need to show current and potential candidates that they care.


Not just with attractive pay, excellent benefits, and notable workplace culture perks — but by investing in their growth as a person and a professional.


At Integrity Staffing Solutions, we strive to make sure our clients and associates build a healthy relationship that lasts. We measure our success in doing so — and whether our retention methods are effective — through associate net promoter score (NPS).


How Associate NPS Can Help You Measure Employee Retention


We see the associate NPS as a way to measure whether we’re creating an enjoyable, tenable employee experience. Although it’s just one number, it can speak volumes about how supported and appreciated associates feel.


Are we helping our clients create a satisfying, engaging, and shareable associate environment? Where can they improve, and how can we help them? The results say it all and can be a valuable component in developing long-term employee retention methods.


Here’s how to leverage NPS results to continually improve your associate experience.


1. Read the reasoning.

NPS empowers respondents to provide context. When someone takes the time to explain the “why” behind their score, whether it’s good or bad, flag those answers and dive right into them.


For example, let’s say a detractor score (0-6) mentions something about insufficient training. Embrace that feedback and get to the heart of what you can do better. When associates flesh out their scores, they’re providing you with an opportunity to grow, learn, and build credibility.


2. Let everyone see the results.

Associate NPS is a valuable internal tool. But employees greatly value transparency and will likely appreciate knowing that their concerns are heard. So when asking associates for their opinions, we think it’s best to share our findings with them.


Why? Because it shows that their concerns matter. Plus, showing your team the results along with any interesting findings, again, creates accountability for the company. It creates a sense of urgency and motivates the company to address larger issues to improve the associate experience (and down-the-road retention).


3. Take quick action.

Did any responses stand out, specifically in a negative way? Detractor scores can pile up quickly, and practicing proactive problem-solving can go a long way toward rebuilding trust.


To start, review the scores and identify any trends. Have multiple respondents commented on a lack of safety training? Would some like more resources on growth and advancement opportunities?


Use the results to work with your teams on service-level improvements. By taking action, you can keep associates engaged and satisfied and potentially curb turnover.


Are you doing all you can to maximize the associate experience? Regular, in-depth associate NPS can help answer that question and allow your company to approach employee retention with purpose and passion in this competitive market.