Core Values In Action

Core Values In Action

As the Great Resignation prompts scores of employees and candidates to rethink what they want in their future job, many are coming back to one common denominator: good values!

Recent research from McKinsey found that a staggering 70% of American employees say their sense of purpose is closely tied to the work that they do—so, it follows that, when workers are inspired and connected to a company’s core values, they’re more satisfied, driven and motivated. In essence, a company with strong values makes for a strong workforce.

While some businesses are scrambling to define their values, purpose and mission in light of the trends around the Great Resignation, at Integrity Staffing Solutions, our work has always been values-driven! In fact, we live and work by 10 clearly defined values—and these aren’t just cookie-cutter pieces of a mission statement; our business model and people practices are built entirely on our values.

So, what are our values? Here’s just a taste: There’s “Dance Along the Edge,” which encourages our workforce to take smart risks to innovate; The Greatest Incentive is Opportunity, a nod to how much we believe and invest in our associates; and Make it Great, Make it Last, which describes how we create high-quality work with a lot determination and just as much collaboration. (Check them all out here!)

All 10 are meant to guide the work of our associates and staff across industries, job levels and roles—inspiring them to give their best and also be their best. But, importantly, we don’t just live these values within the workplace. We partner with all of our clients to ensure that, together, we’re bringing our values to life. We have a supplier diversity program that enables us to work with and invest in organizations whose values and appreciation for diversity align with our own. And we have robust community partnerships through which we give back to the communities we serve, putting our values around innovation and integrity into action.

For instance, for nearly a decade we have partnered with Jobs for America’s Graduates, whose work supports underserved populations seeking to develop their skills and training to enable future success—a mission that’s right in line with our values! Another organization we support is Comfort Cases, which raises awareness of the issues facing youth in foster care and connects young people in transition with necessary resources. We have also joined forces with Lancaster Works to create the Empowerment Collective, connecting those in need of work with organizations looking to hire—ultimately creating a fair chance for all.

All of these ventures get to the heart of our values: That all people deserve a shot at fulfilling their potential. Our associate-first focus that drives workers to take chances, believe in themselves and advocate for fairness and equality creates a values-oriented environment—and that’s something we can all get behind!