Refresh your recruitment routine with these 3 techniques

In today’s tough hiring climate, recruiters are working double-time (and maybe triple-time in some cases) to find and hire top talent. This candidates’ market makes that an even tougher job than normal but, as more employees reconsider their career paths, the number of job openings continues to skyrocket. That dynamic is putting pressure on organizations’ recruitment functions and highlighting the need for new innovations for today’s unprecedented environment.

Recruiting in the current market can’t be managed like recruiting just a few years ago. Whether you invested heavily in in-person hiring events, advertised on traditional job boards or relied on the “post and pray” method, the chances are that your old way of recruiting like won’t cut it today. How employees seek work—and what they want from a prospective employer—have changed dramatically: After more than two years of the pandemic and with a plethora of job opportunities available to them, candidates are craving hiring experiences that meet them where they are and that are efficient and inclusive.

Now, it’s time for HR and business leaders to rethink how they recruit to align with workers’ evolving expectations. Here are 3 ways to do that:

Utilize social media: Many organizations are already using Facebook or LinkedIn to recruit and advertise jobs, but a refreshed approach can take fuller advantage of all the recruitment opportunities social media has to offer. For instance, leverage influencers to help get the word out about your brand or tap into local Facebook groups to post your job listings. A number of high-profile employers, including Chipotle and Target, recently participated in the pilot program for TikTok Resumes, a new platform allowing employers to meet today’s youngest workers right where they are.

Look for new partners: Sometimes, it’s best to bring on the experts. Recruitment process outsourcing, such as what we offer at Integrity Staffing Solutions, enables your organization to essentially offload your recruiting function to an external team, while still retaining your brand throughout the process. From process design to sourcing and strategy, we adopt your company mission and voice to find you the right talent for your roles—and, because this is our entire focus and we rely on decades of experience, it’s done in an efficient and effective way.

Reconsider your hiring events: Traditional approaches to in-person recruiting events could also use a refresh. As more companies move away from requiring four-year degrees, standard college job fairs may need to be expanded to reach broader pools of candidates. Organizations should also look to the lessons of the pandemic and consider incorporating virtual programming into their recruiting strategies. While in-person job fairs may still have a place at many organizations, employee expectations around virtual offerings should be incorporated as you build out your updated strategy.

Recruiting in this quickly evolving atmosphere is certainly hard—but it’s not impossible. With some shifts in your strategy and the right support behind you, you can overcome today’s hiring obstacles and build out the future of your business with the right people at the helm.