Integrity Staffing Solutions’ Founders Todd Bavol and Sean Montgomery Featured in: “Wells Fargo Stands with Us.”

Integrity Staffing Solutions’ founders Todd Bavol and Sean Montgomery’s business success journey is featured in Wells Fargo Stories. The online platform features authentic stories about how Wells Fargo helps its customers succeed and thrive in the communities they operate.

About Todd and Sean and their long-term business relationship with Wells Fargo:

“After nearly 25 years in business and with strong support from their Wells Fargo banking team, Integrity has grown to 30 offices nationwide and placed more than 1 million people in jobs. During the pandemic, as the need for essential workers skyrocketed, the Wells Fargo team understood the urgency and was able to move very quickly due to their close, long-standing working relationship with Integrity. In about half the usual time, the team was able to expand Integrity’s credit line to nearly double to help the company manage through the tremendous growth and ensure essential workers continued to receive much-needed weekly pay. In working together through challenges, Sean and Todd Bavol-Montgomery said, “Wells Fargo stands with us; they don’t just stand by us.”

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